When the academic year commence we deliver an extraordinary orientation about life when studying science. This involves the future career aspects, preparation methodology and key points for parents. Main purpose of this orientation is introduction, approach building and goal setting.

Classroom Sessions
Classroom sessions involves teaching physics in depth which includes the coaching for Boards as well as competitive examinations. We follow parallel approach for Boards and Competitive coaching.

Apart from classroom coaching we back our student with latest study material which contains ample amount of practice problems with solutions. Our study material also includes the textbook exercise problems. We also suggest student some books which they need to purchase for their further practice.

For their classroom study they have to come thrice a week.

Doubt Solving
At BOSON student stay back after their schedule, if they have doubts. At the end of their schedule Pranav Sir himself takes care of their doubts. They can also send their queries via WhatsApp anytime and Pranav Sir replies back to them. They can also approach Pranav Sir by prior appointments for their doubts.

Weekly and Periodic Tests
At BOSON students have to appear for two test in a week. One test aims for preparation of Board examination and other is aimed for the preparation of JEE and NEET examination. These test consist of questions from past 2 to 3 lectures.

We also conduct periodic test which involves multiple chapters and JEE NEET tests which involves the questions from other subjects too, apart from Physics.

Through out the year student practices around such 70 to 75 test.

Sessions for Life, Career and Improvement
As and when required and possible, we invite field experts to address our students and parents. Although these are out of syllabus, such sessions are necessary for staying in a flow and improving students.

Parental Guidance

Celebration Post Examinations
We celebrate efforts of students and their parents at the end of every year. All students may not achieve grand success every time but their efforts are always grand. We look towards these efforts. This cheers the whole bunch of students.

Positive End
At the end of two years, we celebrate the togetherness of students and parents with us. We cherish the happy and sad moments and that makes everyone emotional and felt connected.

We wish our students, all the best for their further life. We have seen their connect in such programmes that makes us feel rewarded and awarded. No awards in this world can beat this feeling.

Here, our students gets converted to our friends.

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