Policy, Terms and Rules at BOSON

  • We (company or institute – that is Boson Career and Science Academy Pvt. Ltd. which is famously known as Boson or Boson Academy) provide guarantee for improvement in studies of students and this is very slow process. Parents and students gradually come to know about their progress. However it depends upon many factors, so any reason apart from our side then we are not responsible for any academic variation.
  • Registered Mobile Number (RMN) and Registered Whatsapp Number (RWN) are number on which you will receive all messages from academy regarding changes in schedules, meeting notices, result details and other communications among parent/student with academy. Registration of correct number is responsibility of parents.
  • We do not compromise with discipline and hence if we found any student misbehaving or stay out of discipline then we shall terminate him/her from academy without any notice and fees refund.
  • Our mentioned fees are inclusive of all taxes.
  • Our fixed registration fees are not refundable and we do not refund any amount, once coaching has started.
  • Part payment facilities are available for regular integrated batches and weekend batches. For crash course, 100% fees are required to be paid in advance before attending any class and these fees are not refundable.
  • We do charge fees only for teaching in classroom, conducting tests and providing result of test conducted. Providing assignments, practice sheets and difficulty sessions, access to communication application/website, messaging about results/absence and other aspects and many others services which we offer are complimentary and not included in fees.
  • In any circumstances, if student wish to discontinue studying OR cancel the admission then Admission Cancellation Form (ACF) is needed to be submitted to institute. Student’s admission shall not be considered cancel till ACF is not submitted and fees shall be accounted till date of submission of ACF. No arguments regarding this shall be entertained.
  • If student revoke admission from any/all subject(s) in between term, in that case student has to pay fees for that subject(s) for that term including material charges. We consider two terms in one year that is before Diwali and after Diwali.
  • If students decide to opt out from any one or more subjects in between, then we will permit, and for this permission institute shall charge 20% of the total fees of cancelled subjects in addition if its early cancellation. To opt out from subjects, parents must submit written application.
  • Parents must demand fees payment schedule from institute. If parent fail to pay fees in time then institute may charge late payment fees. In failing deadline of fees payment may result into cancellation of admission and/or cancellation of access to services from institute without prior information.
  • No requests regarding batch change, branch change or time change shall be entertained after coaching has started. In any specific circumstances if it is needed to be done then transfer fees are to be paid by student/parent. Transfer fees for any of the above mentioned change is INR 1000/-.
  • We do not call for routine aspects regarding schedules, examinations, tests and absent notices. Our communication to students and parent are only on Whatsapp/Application/Messaging services. It is required for parent and students keep looking messages before starting for coaching.
  • Its duty of parent to send or look after presence/absence of child at institute. Institute may not inform every time about absence of student to parent.
  • If student start remaining absent after paying fees, and then if parent demand refund then institute shall not refund the paid amount, once batch has started.
  • You can demand Suggestion form, Query/Information form; Complaint Form or Feedback form, from us and you can express yourself to us. We shall try our best to fit with your expectations. All forms can be downloaded from our website too. In case we are unable to give solution to your complaint, company will compensate for the same in appropriate way. This decision of compensation is full right with company.
  • Our company has all the rights to take any decision under critical circumstances which may be favorable to student/parent or not. In any kind of conflicts, decision taken by company shall be considered final and regarding this any arguments and discussions shall not be entertained.
  • In opposing any rules after admission may attract legal procedure. Subject to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction.

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