What Pranav Sir will teach in class?

  • Discussion and visualization of topics in Physics with proper methodology.
  • Problem solving approach, tricks, concepts and techniques along with textbook theory.
  • Solution of all major and conceptual problems from textbook and other supportive modules.
  • Apart from these he will teach important conceptual problems created by him for better understanding along with problems from few reputed nationalized books.
  • He will take care of difficulties and inquisitiveness of students.

Test System at BOSON Physics with Pranav

  • Two test for Physics per week – One BOARD TYPE and other NEET/JEE type.
  • Usually all basic tests are of 30 Marks.
  • 50 Mark Tests and 100 Marks Test shall be conducted time by time with syllabus completion.
  • JEE/NEET pattern test papers are containing Questions from few nationally reputed books.
What regular schedule involves?

Regular schedule at BOSON involves (a) Weekly Test (b) Lecture. Total duration would be around 4 hrs per session.

Our Special Aspects of Coaching

We follow parallel approach in coaching of Boards and Competitive examination. Apart from text book many other problems are taught during class which built the concepts of students.

We just don’t focus on Boards or JEE/NEET, we emphasis on both in extreme professional manner.

With our unique methodology many of our students start solving problems by their own.

Fixed Homework for Students

At BOSON we have specific pattern of home work.

(a) Students has to write each and every theoretical question two times which he could not attempt in Weekly examination. He has to solve all numerical again which he could not attempt in weekly examination.

(b) All students has to submit their solution of BOSON material of specific chapter which they must practice by the time next chapter ends. e.g. they need to submit chap 03 by the time chap 04 ends.

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