What you shall learn in classroom?

Pranav Sir, teaches Physics for Boards as well as competitive (that is JEE/NEET) in parallel manner.

He gives equal focus on student’s preparation for Boards and competitive examinations. Student learns complete NCERT textbook during integrated coaching along with all concepts for JEE and NEET.

What he covers is as follows:

  1. Discussion and visualization of topics in Physics
  2. All theories and concepts of Physics from NCERT
  3. Solutions of problems from NCERT
  4. Theory Concepts for JEE and NEET
  5. Problem Solving approach and tricks
  6. Problems from reputed books used at National level for JEE and NEET

With this pattern student will be able to deal with traps and methodology of questions asked in JEE/NEET as well as he will be able to conquer in Board examination as well.


No. of sessions per week: 2 (min) and 3 (max)

Sessions include a lecture of 2 hr 15 min and a test of 1 hr and 15 min. So, total duration of one session is 3.5 hrs.

Test Pattern

At BOSON, student appears for test twice in a week. One test is dedicated to Board preparation and it is of Board pattern, while other test is for preparation of JEE/NEET.

All tests conducted are ready with its detailed solutions, which are available to student as soon as they finish their test so that he/she can confirm about their errors.

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