Pranav Dave Sir is one of the leading faculty of Physics in Ahmedabad. He has vast teaching experience of coaching more than 1000+ students for their BOARD studies in CBSE and GSEB along with IIT- JEE, NEET, AIIMS and various competitive examinations for Medical and Engineering entrance.

He is founder and director of BOSON. He is basically a Physics teacher who aimed to become scientist in his early life. He is teaching students for boards and competitive examinations since 2009 in professional manner. Before that he was teaching Physics and Mathematics to the students as a part of his hobby. Today it has become his passion which he loves the most. Under his guidance many students have qualified and achieved great careers.

After his masters, he experienced working with various research institutes (includes PRL and IPR) and gained flavor of real Physics which helped him in enhancing his problem solving approach in science. These experiences gave him an access to friendship of those extraordinary and genius people in science who are always there for Pranav Sir and from these people he learnt a lot and even today he apply those brilliance during his classes.

With his unique methodology, he is teaching students such a way that many of them start loving Physics!! For his students Physics is fun and it is not scary. Majority of them start solving problems in Physics by their own after learning with him.

During these span of career, Pranav Sir has produced extraordinary results and became “king maker” of many Doctors, Engineers, pharmacists, public faces and even scientists

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