How to Prepare yourself for JEE and NEET

What type of Physics paper you will encounter in JEE/NEET examination?

All questions asked in NEET or JEE exam are based on fundamental concepts of Physics and to solve then you are not required to be expert of Physics. They are testing your fundamentals only and most of them can be done within few steps.

How to prepare Physics?

Those who are in 11th at present:

Keep three things in mind:

1. NCERT textbook must be your priority. Read that perfectly and try to imagine and connect routine incidents happening around you with that. Don’t just read, try to understand, what those lines are trying tell about and try to identify the mechanism. For this you may need to refer those lines multiple times. Still if you don’t get those lines, refer it from good reference book. Ask your teacher for that.

2. Once you complete your reading then try to see solved problems based on the topic you read and then solve problems from the past examinations that is NEET, JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS etc.

3. Once you done with this try to solve as many as questions you can from the practice book which contain large number of questions.

What thing you should care in preparing for Physics?

1. When you are given a question with infinite time to solve you will definitely be able to solve it but in real time situation you don’t have such time during exam. So when you practice, make a bunch of 30 or 45 questions and try to solve them in one hour. In practice also you take the same pressure which you take in real exam. That will make you comfortable in subject. This will set your biological clock too. Initially you will solve less but gradually the number will increase.

2. Always make a formula list and then practice. If you want to solve a single question from any topic in given time during exam you must solve at least 50 – 100 questions from that topic while you prepare. With more and more practice of such kind you will understand that which formula is to be applied and which concept is to be used. Your teacher does the same thing. By doing this you can become an expert like your teacher.

3. Don’t practice too much difficult questions. They are never asked directly. Once you achieve the skills you can do that but, don’t do it before that. It will waste too much of your time.

4. Make a list of topic which you don’t have confidence. These topics many include difficult theories, tricky concepts or proofs. Make a list of those and read them like newspaper every day. Gradually you will gain confidence in it.

5. If you don’t have a grip on Mechanics, Work Energy, Rotational motion and Electrodynamics along with necessary mathematics then you will always find Physics difficult. So first focus on these topics if you are not skillful in it.

6. Every time you read NCERT textbook you will gain new approach from that same content you read before. So keep reading it whenever you get time.

7. Don’t try to memorize the theory, rather than that try to focus on mechanism of its derivation. This will be beneficial to you.

8. Prepare Physics in your most productive time of a day and stay away from mobile, bad habits and bad people who have negative frame of mind.

Those who are in 12th at present:

1. These students must do practice only in this short span of time. Nothing else.

2. Solve NCERT exercise, exemplar and questions from past papers.

3. After board exam, solve one chapter in above mentioned way everyday.

4. Appear for Mock test (Paper identical to JEE or NEET/PCB or PCM) at least twice a week after board exam. Appear for minimum 10 to 15 mock tests and try to improve in each test you take.

5. Keep faith in you. Don’t listen to negative people around you. Stay away from mobile, bad habits and bad friends who do not have goal.

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